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Wheat Grass
Wheat Grass Bunch of tender Wheat grass shoots with wheat grain seeds.
T.S. of skin (Hair Follicle)
T.S. of skin (Hair Follicle) Vector illustrated diagram of transverse section of human skin showing microscopic anatomy of hair follicle.
Sprig of Holy Basil
Sprig of Holy Basil The high resolution image of sprig of blooming Holy Basil Flowers. The Close up shows beautiful bloom of Tulsi flowers i.e. Ocimum tenuiflorum - botanical name of Holy Basil.
Holy Basil leaf and Flowers (Tulsi)
Holy Basil leaf and Flowers (Tulsi) Ocimum tenuiflorum is a botalical name of Holy Basil plant which is known as sacred plant in Hinduism and also for its medicinal and religious purposes. Hindus worship Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna and Lord Vitthal Rukmini by offering holy basil leaves i.e. tulsi.
Mint leaves
Mint leaves Fresh mint leaves photography. Royalty free fresh green leaves can be used to improve visual impact in promotional concepts like food, recipes, herbal, health, beauty etc.
Tooth Brush with gel
Tooth Brush with gel An isolated high resolution photograph of toothpaste with blue gel.
tablets & capsules spread
tablets & capsules spread High Quality photograph of mixed colourful tablets and capsules spread on white background.
tablets & capsules
tablets & capsules High res image of mixed medicinal tablets and capsules. It can be used as background in any promotional layouts likes brochures, ads, webpages, etc.
single soft gel capsule
single soft gel capsule single soft gel capsule
vitamin E hand action
vitamin E hand action E drawn with drops of vitamin-E by squeezing capsule.
Pearl capsules spread
Pearl capsules spread Soft gel capsules looks like glossy pearls spread to form an abstract which can be used as background in relevant promotional item like ads, brochures etc.
soft gel capsules spread
soft gel capsules spread Transparent Soft Gel capsules of vitamins looks like glittering pearls. Spreading of capsules form an abstract which can be used as background in advt layous, brochures etc.
Soft Gel Capsules
Soft Gel Capsules A spoonful of Vitamin supplement in the form of soft gel capsules on white background.
Capsule Squeeze
Capsule Squeeze capsule squeeze and drop of drug coming out on white background
Vitamin-E capsules
Vitamin-E capsules Capsules of vitamin E
Vitamin-E High res photo of Vitamin E Capsules