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Dew drops on Wheat Grass
Dew drops on Wheat Grass high res photograph of fresh tender wheat grass with glowing dew drops.
Wheat Grass background
Wheat Grass background Closeup shot of wheat grass texture can be used as background in relevant layouts.
Wheat Grass
Wheat Grass Bunch of tender Wheat grass shoots with wheat grain seeds.
Leaf Texture
Leaf Texture High resolution closeup photo of reddish brown Leaf. It looks like abstract painting. It can be useful in graphic designing, ad layouts advertising, brochure designing, greeting designing etc.
Dry Painted Tree
Dry Painted Tree Dry tree branches painted with various colours.
Tiger Den
Tiger Den Den is a naturally formed room or large cavity within rocks or mountains in the forest which is used by wild animals like tigers or lions as a shelter. This is unique, royalty free, high resolution photo of den.
Sprig of Holy Basil
Sprig of Holy Basil The high resolution image of sprig of blooming Holy Basil Flowers. The Close up shows beautiful bloom of Tulsi flowers i.e. Ocimum tenuiflorum - botanical name of Holy Basil.
Holy Basil leaf and Flowers (Tulsi)
Holy Basil leaf and Flowers (Tulsi) Ocimum tenuiflorum is a botalical name of Holy Basil plant which is known as sacred plant in Hinduism and also for its medicinal and religious purposes. Hindus worship Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna and Lord Vitthal Rukmini by offering holy basil leaves i.e. tulsi.
Wood texture
Wood texture High res royalty free image of Cut wood texture. The natural wooden texture can be useful as background in any promotional designs like print, Web, 3 D modelling etc.
Rusty Wooden block
Rusty Wooden block Old rusty wooden block placed on dried leaves in jungle. The multipurpose Hi-resolution image can be used in graphic designing, web designing for forest related topics.
Red truck on mountain road
Red truck on mountain road Red truck taking turn on mountain road with beautiful greenery on background.
mountain road curve
mountain road curve a beautiful scene of curvy Road among mountain range covered with full of greenery.
Water Lily
Water Lily High res photo of Water Lily or Lotus on blur green water background
Water Lilies
Water Lilies Water Lilies
Crop shoots skyline
Crop shoots skyline Crop shoots skyline
Rural life style
Rural life style Rural farmer traveling in bullock cart
Sun Flower
Sun Flower Sun Flower
Blue Water Lily
Blue Water Lily Blue Water Lily
White Shoe Flower
White Shoe Flower White Shoe Flower
White Shoe Flower
White Shoe Flower Shoe flower also called hibiscus as a botanical name.
Pinapple plant
Pinapple plant Small Pineapple bearing plant
Lonely leafless tree
Lonely leafless tree Lonely leafless tree
Dried Tree
Dried Tree Lonely dried tree
Office Time flower
Office Time flower The flower blooms in daylight i.e. in the period of office time. That is why this flower is called office time flower
Sun Flower
Sun Flower Sun flower
Water Lily
Water Lily Water lily
Trees Trees
Tiny leaves
Tiny leaves tiny leaves
Leaves Leaves
Beach Trees
Beach Trees Beach Trees
Vegetables Vegetables