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Can I look for images without being registered on the website?

Yes. You can look for and download free comping pictures without registering on our website. The image comps you obtain will have a watermark on them. But to preserve pictures to your Lightbox for later access, you'll need to Sign in or Register.

What is a Lightbox?

A Lightbox is used to shop a variety of pictures that you would like to gradually obtain or discuss with a co-worker. You can position pictures into a Lightbox, and then later obtain the pictures, or deliver the Lightbox weblink to a friend/colleague for them to evaluation. You are not required to obtain pictures in your lightbox, and it's entirely up to you how many lightboxes you have, or if you use the pictures later.

How do I add pictures to a Lightbox?

There are two methods. When you perform an picture look for, the outcomes are shown as miniatures known as thumbs. If you look for over a thumbs, you can add that picture to your lightbox by basically simply clicking the lamp symbol straight within the thumbs. This will produce a dropdown box, forcing you to “add to lightbox.” If this is your first lightbox, you will select “new,” and will be able to preserve the lightbox with whatever headline you like. Thereafter, you may keep add other pictures to that particular lightbox, or proceed developing other lightboxes, based on your needs.

The other way is to simply select the picture itself, which will carry up the picture on your display to full-size. You will see to the reduced remaining of the picture the same lightbulb symbol and the terms “add to lightbox.” Click on this and the same dropdown box will come up and do it again mentioned above.

How do I get details about an image?  

To view in-depth details about an image, go to the Picture Details web page by simply clicking any thumbnail image on the Search Google or in your Lightbox. The Picture Details web page provides finish details about an image, such as search phrases associated with that image, data file dimensions and more details.

How can I look for the pictures using Picture ID?  

You should be able to look for using the Picture ID that appears in the Picture details web page or below the thumbnail pictures shown on the Search Google. Just get into this Picture ID in the Search box and media 'Search' key.

Do I need to sign-up to purchase?    

Yes, you need to sign-up. Simply just check out specific signing up information. If you are not yet authorized, you will be persuaded to finish your emailing and payments information as part of the image purchasing process.

How safe is it to use my credit cards on your site?    

We use the latest safety technology to help create sure that your details are kept protected while on the road. Study about security in our privacy Policy.  Valuedvisuals is a safe e-commerce website. Your transaction information will be directed, prepared, and properly secured through Paypal.

How do I figure out image prices?  

When you're ready to buy the image:

Why is the file size I have downloadable more compact than the file size described on the Picture Details page?   

The data file you obtain will be more compact than the data file you purchased!  Data files are compacted for simple and fast obtain. As is standard practice in the industry, we offer you with "JPEG" files (identifiable by the ".jpg" expansion added to the data file name), which by meaning are compacted to accomplish transmitting and therefore are not as huge as the unique data file. When you fill the data file into an image manager application kit such as Photoshop, it will instantly increase to full-sized.

How can I obtain an image I've previously bought and will I be billed again for re-downloading it?    

We deliver a weblink to obtain the Image(s) you have bought at your current email deal with. But this weblink ends in 15 days. To obtain pictures from a previous buy, please send us a demand at for the same and we will do the required. You will not be billed again.

How can I make out a past sales order?  

To create a Bill for any previous revenue buy, move over 'My Account' in the top routing bar. Then choose the Order Referrals number of previous times buys you'd like to create. When the transaction bursts up, use your web browser's 'Print' symbol to create out the display.

How huge can I create your digital images?   

As a common principle, our pictures can securely be increased to 125% of their unique image dimension without impacting the file size our pictures are consistently used on advertisements. Since it's crucial that you know what file size you need for the outcome system, we suggest that you seek advice from straight with your printing device or support institution to discover out the specific abilities of the product that will be used. And, of course, you can always Contact Us for more details.

How do I maintain the unique high file size of an image when I want to flourish it? 

All our pictures are provided in 'jpeg' structure. First, you must preserve an image downloadable from our website in 'tiff' structure before making any changes or manipulations. Because every time you resave a 'jpeg' image, it will lead to a loss in the high file size of that image. Secondly, for the best file size, keep in mind this common guideline: The picture (ppi) should remain similar to twice the display regularity (lpi). You have choices, however, to modify the display regularity, re-sample the image at a excellent file size, or reduced the ppi-to-lpi rate. For more details, look at the following techniques for increasing the size of images:

Tips for increasing the size of images

The Hi-res pictures on have been enhanced for a final create dimension 5"x7.5", 9"x13.5", 12"x18", 16"x24" and 20"x30", using a display regularity of 150 lpi. You can, however, create the pictures at a larger dimension. For the best file size, keep in mind the common guide of keeping the image (ppi) similar to twice the display regularity (lpi).

Use reduced display regularity:

If you need only a low display regularity, you can increase the image and still sustain the 2:1 rate of ppi to lpi. Lower display wavelengths will allow you to flourish the pictures even further.

Re-sample the image to a better file size:

Many image-editing applications will allow you to re-sample an image to a excellent file size. Re-sampling will allow you to sustain the 2:1 rate of ppi to lpi. Programs can add data to your image by interpolating the shades of nearby p in the image. This can cause the image to appear somewhat out of focus or unclear. To make up for this, you may want to apply a improving narrow to the image to remove some of the clouding. We suggest that you research with this technique to figure out if the outcomes will be acceptable for your needs.

Use a reduced ppi-to-lpi rate, such as 1.5 to 1 :

The suggestions of the image (ppi) equaling twice the display regularity (lpi) is to create sure the finest file size. You can go below this rate with relatively little recognizable distinction in file size. You should never go below a 1:1 rate of ppi to lpi. Be sure to research with different percentages to decide which performs best for your specifications.

I downloaded a high-resolution image, but it's starting up at 72dpi. What happened?   

Depending on how the image was stored, it may open at a display high file size of 72 dpi. This doesn't actually mean you downloadable a low-resolution image by error. Check the measurements. Modify the dpi of the image to 300 without re-sampling the image. If the measurements come down to 5"x7.5"(10MB image), 9"x13.5"(31.2MB image) and 12"x18"(55.6MB image) when you modify the dpi to 300, then you know you have the correct image. Simply re-save the image at 300 dpi.

The system won't cost my credit cards. Is there something wrong?

If the program is not recognizing your credit cards, please confirm all of the details that were joined, such as the credit cards type, expiry date, and cvv (security) rule. If your bank card is still being dropped please get in touch with the organization that released your cards for more details. Also, we are satisfied to help by handling the cost with you on the phone. Call our customer support on the toll free number.

What browsers are compatible with this website?

Valuedvisuals is compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Opera on both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Where can I use valuedvisuals images?

According to our Licensing Terms you may use the photos in or on